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SmartAgency delivers crucial agency analytics.

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Monitor vendor pricing across departments and buyers.

Don’t let suppliers charge more because the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing.

Boost purchasing compliance and meet goals.

Spot trends early and make decisions that bring your agency back in line with your compliance goals.

Benchmark your performance internally and externally.

Improve results by comparing performance between departments, buyers or other agencies.


Agencies are complex but pricing isn’t.

It happens far more often than you know. Different departments within the same agency routinely pay higher prices for the same products, from the same vendors. Monitor vendors and readily share best pricing information with your agency’s buyers.


Benchmark performance.

Internally compare spending performance between departments or buyers to optimize performance across your agency. Or see how your agency compares to other similar agencies on key purchasing results.


Find the percentage of local vendors your agency uses.

Or minority-owned, woman-owned, disabled veterans-owned, or environmentally sensitive vendors your agency uses. Easily. And break it down by department or buyer or category as well.