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SmartSearch gives you the strategic advantage.

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Find new customers faster.

Simple searches reveal the schools and agencies that are buying the products and services you offer. Just click on the agency name for key contact information, spending analytics and purchase orders. You’ll be able to see who to call and when the agency buys the most of what you sell.


Track your competitors.

See everything you need to know about your competition – who they sell to, what they charge and the details of every order. Find quantity information, product offerings, shipping charges and other details that provide insight to compete more effectively. You’ll see their top customers, order frequency and where opportunities exist for future sales.


Win more bids and RFPs.

Gain a competitive advantage when responding to RFPs. SmartProcure enables you to view the exact purchase orders related to prior RFP awards and know exactly how your competitors are winning business. Don’t bid too high, and don’t leave money on the table.