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SmartSearch makes purchasing research a cinch.

See how it works

Make informed pricing decisions, fast.

Search by part number, product name, manufacturer or vendor to know what to pay before you buy.

Verify your vendors with valid data.

Qualify vendors by their customer list, total government sales, number of sales & average PO value.

Request multiple vendor quotes in seconds.

With one click, request quotes from multiple vendors & receive pricing without ever picking up the phone.


Price isn’t everything, but it’s a start.

List prices and negotiated prices don’t represent a vendor’s best price. One search will show you the actual prices thousands of other agencies paid.


Know where to start when negotiating.

Transparent pricing makes research and vendor negotiations quick and straightforward. It levels the playing field during negotiations by giving you visibility into what other agencies paid for the same purchases.


Locate hard-to-find products and vendors in seconds, not hours.

Researching everyday items is one thing, but finding an engineer for a beach dune walkover or parts for a 30 year old boiler used to take way too long. If you’re buying a hard to find product, chances are other agencies have purchased the same product as well. Quickly see which agencies have purchased the item, who they purchased it from and what they paid. Then request a quote for the item in one simple click.


Find the percentage of local vendors your agency uses.

Or minority-owned, woman-owned, disabled veterans-owned, or environmentally sensitive vendors your agency uses. Easily. And break it down by department or buyer or category as well.


Efficiently request quotes from qualified vendors.

Finding and requesting quotes from multiple vendors used to be a daunting challenge. Now you can do so with the click of a button. Vendors are notified immediately while you move on with your day.